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The Mountainside neighborhood is the neighborhood along Hudson Street, West Main Street and Grand View Avenue along the base of Mount William and Point Peter.  It is home to the Lyric's Lullaby Trailhead, the Delaware and Hudson Canal Trail and a section of the Delaware River Heritage Trail. The neighborhood was also home to the Mountain House School.  Originally a hotel, the fourteen room school was torn down in the 1920's and an electrical substation was built on the site in 1928. The substation is currently being replaced.  The wall in front is the original wall in front of the school.  Stephen Crane was a student at the school and his sister, Agnes, was a teacher.


"Last Christmas they gave me a sweater, And a nice warm suit of wool, but i'd rather be cold and have a dog, to watch when i come home from school. father gave me a bicycle, but that isn't much of a treat, unless you have a dog at your heels racing away down the street. they bought me a camping outfit, but a bonfire by a log is all the outfit I would ask, if I only had a dog. they seem to think a little dog is a killer of all earth's joys; but oh, that "pesky little dog" means hours of joy to the boys."
-Stephen Crane's first known poem

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