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Port Jervis 

Museum Crawl

On Saturday August 26th, Port Jervis will hosts its second annual museum crawl.  Visit Fort Decker, the Port Jervis Fire Museum and the Tri-States Railway Preservation Society Museum.  All three museums will be open to visitors from 12 PM- 4 PM!

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Fort Decker

127 West Main Street

Fort Decker is the oldest house in Port Jervis and was built in 1793 from the remains of a stone fort built during the French and Indian War. It later housed engineers working on the Delaware and Hudson Canal construction, including Port Jervis' namesake, John Bloomfield Jervis.  In 1958, the Minisink Valley Historical Society bought the house and converted it into a museum.  Visit Fort Decker to see the tools, artifacts, and numerous displays.

Port Jervis Fire Museum

8 Orange Street


The Port Jervis Fire Museum opened in a former fire station in 2007.  The museum houses photographs and artifacts from the history of the fire departments, including an 1894 pumper.

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Tri-States Railway Preservation Society Museum

86 Pike Street

The Tri-States Railway Preservation Society's boxcar museum opened in the spring of 2022 as part of the Port Jervis Transportation History Center.  The museum, which is situated next to the historic Erie Turntable, houses numerous artifacts and displays from the Erie Yard in Port Jervis and the Erie Railroad. 

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