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Below is a listing of books and maps of Port Jervis and music and products produced by Port Jervisians or produced in Port Jervis. Click to view more information or purchase on the individual vendor's website.  Check back for more products.

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Books and Maps

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Images of America: Port Jervis

by Matthew M. Osterberg


This 128-page book has historic photographs from Port Jervis and short descriptions for each explaining the history and context for each.

Port Jervis: Then & Now

by Matthew M. Osterberg and Betsy Krakowiak


This 96-page book shows historic pictures alongside modern photographs in Port Jervis' four wards with accompanying descriptions and information about the neighborhoods and businesses.

Port Jervis

by John P. Fritts


This is a 48-page reprint of the 1908 book, which includes a description of Port Jervis and guide to several aspects of the city with 30 photographs.

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This 207-page book, written in 1912, gives a history of Port Jervis and the surrounding Minisink region.


This 128-page book explores the history through text and images of the Minisink Region.


This 228-page book that looks back at growing up in Port Jervis in the 1950's.

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This 272-page guide has descriptions of whitewater runs of rivers that flow into the Hudson River or Delaware River in New York.  Included in the guide are the Delaware, the Neversink and the Mongaup Rivers around Port Jervis.

Along the Delaware River

by Richard C. Albert and Carrie E. Albert


This 128-page book has photographs of postcards from along the length of the Delaware River of historic and scenic locations. There is a section with postcards and short descriptions from Port Jervis, including the front cover photograph taken at Tri-State monument.


This 256-page guide includes detailed information for paddling the Delaware River, including access points, hazards and infromation on camping along the river.  There are also introductary sections with histories and descriptions of the areas.

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This 354-page book contains two collections of Stephen Crane's works.  Last Words is a posthumous collection of short stories, travel observations and other pieces.  Whilomville Stories is a collection of short stories Stephen Crane based on his time in Port Jervis.

The Monster

by Stephen Crane


The Monster is a story about an African-American coachman, Henry Johnson, in the fictional town of Whilomville, New York.  The story was inspired by the lynching of Robert Lewis in Port Jervis in 1892.


John Bloomfield Jervis, the namesake of Port Jervis, wrote this book in 1877 and sets out to show that both capitalists and labourers are dependent on compensation and must work together for mutual benefits.

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Photographer Michael Gadomski shares photographs from the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in this 128-page book.

Kittatinny Trails Map Set

from the NY/NJ Conference


4 map set

Shawangunk Trails Map Set

from the NY/NJ Trail Conference


3 map set

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Perserveance and Vigilance traces the history of the 1793 Fort Decker building from early in the Revolutionary War, to the raids of the infamous Mohawk warrior-statesman Joseph Brant, to the era of the Delaware and Hudson Canal, when the stone structure served as a hotel for the canal’s founders and engineers.


This book by local author, Cory Puopolo, will take you on an adventurous journey with Armani the Crow and Nutty the Squirrel. You will see how a small hidden field in Matamoras, Pennsylvania, turns into a pumpkin farm called Field of Dreams, all at the hands of a group of middle-school and high-school kids who volunteer their time to work on the farm. To some, Field of Dreams is a small pumpkin farm; to others, it is a true field of dreams.


This book is written by local author, Cory Puopolo.  Follow along as Isaac takes you on an inspiring journey through the Dream Chasers AAU basketball season. With the odds against his team, will they finish the season with a championship, or come up short?

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Digital $8.99    

Cooper Boone


$12.50 + shipping

Young Atlantic 


Digital $9.49

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In This Decade


Digital single $0.99    

The Kalin Twins


$13.99 + shipping

Johnny DG 


Digital $6.93

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100% of the proceeds go to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy's COVID-19 Response Fund.

100% of the proceeds go to Bon Secours Charity Health Systems.


100% of the proceeds go Bon Secours Charity Health Systems


100% of the proceeds go to Bon Secours Charity Health Systems.

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Additional Merchandise

DelawareWaterGap patch
Upper Delaware pin

produced and sold by the Minisink Valley Historical Society

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Port Jervis Map Poster

designed and sold by Foundry42


Hawk's Nest photograph

by Kim Harripersad


8x10 matte print

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