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Port Jervis' downtown is located east of the train tracks roughly between McArthur Circle, the overpass above Pike Street, and Church Street, along Jersey Avenue and Front and Ball Streets.  Downtown is home to many of the city's eateries, shops and cultural attractions.  Visit the Fox N' Hare Brewing Company, shop or get a coffee at Foundry42, get a meal at Fogwood and Fig, explore one of downtown's antique shops, dine or stay at the Erie Hotel and buy or rent gear at Action Bikes, Port Jervis Bicycle or Sawkill Creek Outfitters.  Check to see what events are going on in the city or at UpFront Gallery, Foundry 42 or Erie Trackside Manor.  Come during the Fall Foliage festival, Chinese New Year's festivities or one of the many events or parades in downtown throughout the year.

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Port Jervis' Uptown is located east of MacArthur Circle and west of Canal Street along Pike, Canal and Sussex Street.  It is home to Millenium Park, where Port Jervis' Farmers' Market is held and Orange Square/Veterans Park, where it is rumored Stephen Crane was inspired to write Red Badge of Courage after speaking with veterans in the square.  Farnum Park, on the east end of the neighborhood is home to the Italianate villa of Samuel Bernard Farnum, a superintendent of the Delaware and Hudson Canal.  There are plans for a rehablitation project on the buidling and a conversion to a multi-use faciltiy. Behind the nearby St. Peter's Church is the trailhead of Lyric's Lullaby Trail, part of the Port Jervis Watershed trail system.  Uptown is home to City Hall, the Carnegie Library, the Railroad Museum and the Fire Museum.  Visit one of the neighborhoods bars or restaurants, check out one of the museums or the library's Stephen Crane exhibit.  Stop for lunch at JJ's International Deli.  Visit during Art in the Park, the Soap Box Derby or a library event.

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The West End

The West End or Germantown neighborhood is a mainly residential neighborhood located bewteen the train tracks and the Delaware River.  It is home to West End Memorial Park and West End Beach.  Take a dip at West End Beach or float down the Delaware River.  Grab a treat from the recently opened Riverside Ice.  In winter, go sledding at West End Beach or cross country skiing on the canal trail.  Order a pizza at Len and Jo's, take a rest in West End Memorial Park or a hike on the nearby D&H Canal trail.  Be sure to visit the Minisink Valley Historical Society at Historic Fort Decker in the West End neighborhood.

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The Acre

The Acre or Bully's Acre is small resdiential neighborhood bordering the Delaware River and Riverside Park, which was once predominently Irish.  Grab some lunch at Woogie's Deli or Slice and head to Riverside Park.  Get a nice view of the river from the Mid-Delaware Bridge.  Pick up a Delaware River Heritage Trail guide from the Minisink Valley Historical Society or request  one by mail.

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The South End

The South End is a residential neighborhood between the two rivers and south of downtown. Visit one of the community's parks: Mothers Park, Church Street Park or Skinners Park, get some Puerto Rican food at Mama Boria's and walk or drive along Main Street to see some of the city's more grand estates, which were once home to the community's physicians, lawyers, judges and bankers, including Stepen Crane's brother, William. Be sure to get a Delaware River Heritage Trail guide from the Minisink Valley Historical Society.

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Tri-States is a neighborhood bordering the Neversink River and Deerpark Township.  Stop by the Tri State Chamber of Commerce Info station at Chris Marion Park.  Get lunch at Arlene and Tom's before hiking the Minisink Trail up Greenville Mountain.

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Carpenter's Point

Carpenter's Point, named for Benjamin Carpenter, an early settler and ferry operator, is the point of land where the Neversink River meets the Delaware River and where the three states: New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania meet.  In the 18th century, Pieter Kuykendall, for whom Point Peter is named, lived and opearted a tavern here. Walk through the beautifully maintained Laurel Grove Cemetery to Tri-States monument to see where the three states meet. Afterwards, visit nearby Angus 83 in Deerpark Township, a restaurant which straddles the New York/New Jersey border.

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The East End

The East End is a residential neighborhood east of East Main Street along Canal Street and Kingston Street.  It is home to John Glenn Park and an on-road section of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Trail along Canal Street.

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Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is a small residential neighborhood.  Planned in the early 20th century, the lots were sold for $25 or $50.  In 1909, the Booklovers Society in Manhattan offered a free 25 x 100 foot lot in Lincoln Park with the purchase of a $29 20-volume "Makers of History" set.

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Brooklyn is the small neighborhood of Port Jervis that was located above the canal, west of Lincoln Park and south of the Hollow.  It is centered on Brooklyn Street.  A bridge that connected the neighborhood to the south, over the canal, was nicknamed the "Brooklyn Bridge".

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The Hollow

Two small creeks have eroded narrow valleys at the edge of the Applachian Plateau here.  The western hollow along Reservoir Avenue is mostly covered by Brewer's Reservoir (Reservoir #1).  The hollow to the west was a segregated community until the dam was built for the reservoir. In 1893, members of the community were mandatorily relocated to the the northern end of Orange Street where most of the modern neighborhood is today.

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Mountainside is a narrow neighborhood along the base of Mt. William and Pt. Peter.  Walk along the old canal right of way, see the stone wall of the Mountain School, where Stephen Crane studied and his sister taught, or hike up to the mountains from Lyric's Lullaby Trail behind St. Peter's Church. Enjoy a round of bowling at Port Jervis Bowl.

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The Ridge

The Ridge is a neighborhood located on a narrow ridge between the South End and the Neversink River.  East Main Street runs through this small neighborhood, lined with Victorian Houses and home of the Port Jervis Middle School (built in 1922 as the High School).

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Riverside is the name of the section of Port Jervis along the Delaware River between the West End and the Acre.  It is home to Kolmar, the largest employer in the city and the Port Jervis School District's Administration Building, housed in the former Riverside School.  Take a walk along the Delaware River Heritage Trail along the banks of the river.  Cross the Mid-Delaware bridge on foot to Matamoras.  Get an ice cream from Riverside Creamery.

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