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This Week in Port Jervis History

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

On October 17, 1865, George H. Fossard, a young doctor from Port Jervis was promoted to surgeon for the 56th NY Infantry. That November, the 56th Infantry fought at the Battle of Honey Hill in South Carolina. Fossard Street in the West End is named after George H. Fossard, who worked as a physician and druggist in Port Jervis after the war. His father, William, ran a variety store in Port Jervis. George Fossard later served as the inspector of customs at the Barge Office in Manhattan until his death in 1907.

On October 23, 1920, the Vice Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, Franklin D. Roosevelt arrived in Port Jervis via train. He proceeded to Hotel Mitchell, where he had breakfast with the mayor and members of the Democratic City Committee. After breakfast, Roosevelt met with members of the community prior to a formal address. Click here to view his speech.

FDR spoke as the Vice Presidential candidate in Port Jervis in 1920.

Overlay of Hotel Mitchell where it would stand today at Fowler Street, between Front Street and Jersey Avenue.

George H. Fossard

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