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This Week in Port Jervis History

Bucky Harris and President Coolidge before the 1924 World Series.

On November 7, 1897 the first game between the football teams of Middletown and Port Jervis was played at Skinner’s Grounds. Port Jervis won the game 38-0. The colors of the Port Jervis team at this time were orange and dark blue. The second game took place on Thanksgiving Day in 1897. The tradition of the two teams playing each other on Thanksgiving Day lasted for years. The rivalry has now seen 141 games between the two teams with Middletown leading the all time record 77-57-7. Last year’s Erie Bell matchup was won by Middletown of a score 57-14. Today, the winning team is awarded an old Erie Railroad car bell, a tradition that began in 1953.

On November 8, 1896 Stanley Raymond “Bucky” Harris was born in Port Jervis. In 1924, he was named a player-manager of the Senators, becoming the youngest manager in the major leagues. The Senators won the World Series title that year. Harris continued his managing career with various teams until 1956. Harris ended his career working in the front office for the Red Sox and then as a scout for the White Sox. Harris died in Bethesda, Maryland on November 8, on his 81st birthday.

A sketch of PJ Dwyer, fullback for Port Jervis in the Port Jervis Union, ahead of the Thanksgiving Game in 1924.

Bucky Harris sliding into third base at a game against the Red Sox in 1922.

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