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The West End

Fort Decker

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The West End or Germantown maintains a small town vibe within the city.  The neighborhood is bounded by the Delaware River and the train tracks. A number of homes along West Main Street back up to the river.  The neighborhood  is home to several sites of interest, including Fort Decker and Gillinder Glass.  Fort Decker was originally built by Frederick Haynes prior to 1760 and used as a trading post, tavern and house.  The fort was burnt during a raid by Joseph Brant on July 20, 1779. Martinus Decker built the current building in 1793 from the remains of the fort. Stephen St John converted the home into the St. John Canal Hotel during the building of the Delaware and Hudson Canal. During this time, John Bloomfield Jervis, for whom the city is named, stayed here. In 1970, the Minisink Valley Historical Society purchased the  building.  The Gillinder Glass factory began operations in Port Jervis in 1913 in the West End neighborhood. The company has produced glass for many different applications including commercial, industrial and retail.

West End Memorial Park

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