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Port Jervis

The Queen City of the Minisink

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In 2008, Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel named Port Jervis one of the "10 Coolest Small Towns in America".

In 2018, Rand McNally named the drive from Port Jervis through Hawk's Nest one of the "Best Road Trips in America".


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Quick Facts


*River City
*Tri-States City
*Gateway to the Upper Delaware
*Scenic Queen of the Shawangunk Range


Port Jervisian
Port Jervian
Port Jervisite


8,828 (City Proper)
66,120  (Greater Port Jervis)
670,301 (Poughkeepsie-
Middletown MSA)


Lowest Elevation: Carpenter's Point

at the Delaware River 400 feet

Highest Elevation: Northern end of Port Jervis Watershed Park 1223 feet

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Official City Flower

Blue-bearded iris

Official City Logo

A new logo for the city was created for the city's centennial celebrations and unveiled in December of 2006.

Official City Song

Pretty Little City written by Sherry L. Mohan and recorded by Trish Eckert

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Port Jervis

Port Jervis is a small city in New York State about 90 miles (145 kilometers) northwest of New York City and is the location where New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania meet.  The city is located in the Minisink region, which ecompasses parts of the three states along the Delaware River.  The word Minisink meant "at the island" in the local Munsee dialect.  Port Jervis was the location of a Minisink Village in the seventeenth century called Maghackamack, meaning "Pumpkin Fields" and referring to the Lower Neversink River bottomlands.  The Lower Neversink Valley is part of the much longer Port Jervis Trough, a long narrow valley between the Allegheny Plateau and the Kittatinny/Shawangunk Ridge. 

The city's namesake is John Bloomfield Jervis, a civil engineer, who designed, amongst other projects, the Delaware and Hudson Canal.  Port Jervis was a port on the canal and is situated at the confluence of the Neversink and Delaware Rivers.  The two and a half square mile city is home to about nine thousand people.  Above the valley in Port Jervis, you can see the ridge, referred to locally as Greenville Mountain, and High Point Monument, a granite obelisk at the highest point in New Jersey, the Poconos across the Delaware in Pennsylvania (part of the Allegheny Plateau) and Point Peter and Mount William within the city, the southernmost part of the Catskills (also part of the Allegheny Plateau).

The city's location on two scenic rivers, surrounded by mountains and between two National Park Service areas, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River, make it an ideal location for all kinds of recreation.  There are opportunities for hiking (Minisink Trail and Port Jervis Watershed Trails), skiing, golfingtubing, kayaking, swimming, visiting waterfalls, and camping in Elks-Brox Memorial Park) in and around the city. But Port Jervis isn't just a convenient location for exploring the Hudson Valley, the Poconos, the Shawangunks and the Catskills.  It is a vibrant and historic city with a growing arts and culinary scene. Its citizens are diverse, friendly and community-driven.  It is one of the most affordable cities in the New York Metro region.  Port Jervis is a great place to visit or live with so many cultural and recreational opportunities.  Come see for yourself! 

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